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VenLife HUD

Menu Info

There is alot to cover and ill write them all up when i got more time

When you touch the logo or MENU prims, the main menu will pop up that just has EXIT, DETACH and Support.

  • Detach will take the HUD off of your screen
  • EXIT just closes the menu quietly
  • Support opens the support menu
    • Bug Report opens the URL to our bug tracker
    • Tickets opens the URL to our ticket system
    • Wiki just opens the URL to this wiki

The prim menu that says Website takes you to our website, venlife.net

The Support prim just opens the support menu as stated above.

The included meter in the HUD package attaches to your head(skull) so you can show others your stats but its a optional item to wear


All stats except Health goes down over time while wearing the HUD and need to use items to keep those stats up.

If any of them drop below 20% then your Health stat starts to drop over time.

XP is earned while wearing the HUD at a rate of 0.001 every 5 minutes, this is done on the server

Lvl only goes up when your XP is 100%, calculated on the server

V$ is earned through cooking and crafting exclusive VenLife items, NOT items sold by others.