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We are currently setting up VenLife for release

Our system will have farming and cooking as well as a toilet for hygene, etc.

Exclusive items (yes they are wiki pages with more info)


For our dev kits please see the list of pages above.

Our RESTful API is still in development but docs will be posted here as soon as we have some working code done


HUD 1.0.1 - July 19 2022

  • Moved health text on the HUD to the top
  • Moved health on the meter to the top
  • Added Ven Dollars to the HUD and system (V$)
  • Server side work to support V$
  • Changed the URL for tickets
  • Renamed JIRA to Bugs in the support menu and changed the URL to the main support portal
  • Added new domain,

SL Marketplace release - July 18 2022

  • No changes to record, just putting it here for historical records

HUD 1.0.0b - July 15 2022

  • Changed the perm on the HUD to copy, no mod, no trans due to abuse found

Dev Kit - July 14 2022

  • Inital release of the dev kit, enjoy

Water Well - July 13 2022

  • Water Well released. Get 25 water every 24 hours

1.0.0a - July 13 2022

  • HUD - removed Bladder as a stat since Hygene is the same thing

1.0.0 - July 13 2022 This is a caspervend only release

  • Inital alpha release for testing
  • New logo by Molly
  • Updated signs to the new logo