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WMPS stands for World Map Position System.
It uses GridPlay's own webmap system to show where you are in the Second Life world and let your friends watch where you go.

How to Use

Wear it as a HUD
If you right click and select add from inventory it will attach to your HUD.
If you touch the hud a dialog will appear
DETACH lets you detach the hud
Set Name lets you set a name that will appear on the web map
Add Icon lets you add a texture by UUID that will appear on the map
ON|OFF lets you turn the hud on and off so you dont have to show people where you are
WEBMAP gives you the url to yourself on the map, you can give this url to your friends so they can follow you



GET https://api.gridplay.net/wmps
Returns a json response of people wearing the HUD

    "uuid": "ac841c8a-2a07-489b-984f-301d79c407a3",
    "name": "Sweetdebbie Juliesse",
    "pos": "1127.4172444062,1048.6916322109",
    "lpos": "107,177,2445",
    "icon": "https://gridplay.net/slmap/wmps.png",
    "sim": "Nautilus - Adon"
    "uuid": "e66168bb-fe30-4bb6-b0cd-2bde687fa76c",
    "name": "Tramtrak 1",
    "pos": "1013.420611082,1017.2915191055",
    "lpos": "108,75,31",
    "icon": "https://gridplay.net/pub/imgs/e8b1f807-e23a-42b8-b7c8-9e566029ca4f.png",
    "sim": "Bhaga"


2.0.0 October 17 2021

  • New media on prim of the map
  • Reworked HUD to be more cooler
  • Can resize the MOP map