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GridPay was created to help with roleplay where spending L$ was not needed for speeding/parking tickets, roleplay work such as serving rp drinks to customers.
With the release of GridHaul its more easier now to make P$ by transfering Gridhaul dollars (G$) to GridPay dollars (P$)

The system is grid wide so no need to rez a in world server or be limited to one roleplay community per card
One card for all of Second Life
Make P$ on mainland and spend in any supported roleplay community

How To Use


Click your hud, select Pay then select the rezzed item you like to pay



Our API requires the the Gateway Core script to be in the same prim as your custom script and can use llMessageLinked to process payments

integer amount = 10;
key toucherkey = "";

Ya thats basiclly it. If payment is successful then a link_message is returned with string str = "paysuccess"

link_message(integer sn, integer num, string str, key id) {
        if (str == "paysuccess") {
            // Give item here
            if (num == amount) {
                // amount paid is the correct amount set
                llSay(0,llGetDisplayName(id)+" has paid "+(string)num);
                llSay(0,"Incorrect amount paid");
        }else if (str == "payfail") {
            // Payment was declined
            llSay(0,"Payment Declined");


Coming soon


3.2.0 - Aug 21 2023

  • Added P$ transaction link to the HUD and ATM
  • URL change of where the data goes
  • Syncing version numbers across all GridPay products so we skipping afew version numbers
  • Quality of life code changes

Server side update - Feb 23 2023

  • New player starter balance is now P$1,000

Server side work - Nov 15 2022

  • Punchclocks now records when a employee punches in and out and that employee can view their logs on the site if they have a account

server side work - Oct 31 2022

  • Server now checks every minute if punched in employees are offline, if they are they get punched out

Business Package 2.0.2 - Oct 30 2022

  • Added a rental box for P$

Business Package 2.0.1 - Oct 8 2022

  • Parking meter now gives the owner ability to evict
  • Cash register now only lets the owner set the amount

Business Package 2.0.0 - Aug 15 2022

  • Updated the ATM to support VenLife VenDollars.
  • Minor bug fixes across all items.
  • New sign texture to show VenLife Compatible logo

Can now exchange VenDollars for P$ and vis versa.

HUD 3.1.1 - Feb 8 2022

  • Minor fixes
  • Now using Furware text on the HUD
  • More info on the hud while interacting with its menu

Business Package 1.2.0 - Sept 19 2021

  • Vendor now has a menu option to set the price
  • Cash register now allows Same Group to use, perfect for employee's to use


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