VL Doctor HUD

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VenLife Doctor HUD

As you can see in the picture to the right, there are text in blue that say SCAN and HEAL, those are buttons on the HUD you can press.

SCAN will show you a list of nearby residents in a dialog box. Once you click on a name the HUD will either say not a player or if they are a player it will show that person's stats.

HEAL will also show a list of nearby residents to choose from. If they are wearing the VenLife HUD (free) and you choose a name that person's health will max out at 100%

Clicking the main VenLife logo will show a dialog box with SCAN and HEAL but also Change Gender and Change Age.

Clicking any of the options will open another dialog box that shows nearby people.

Change Gender & Age and selecting a resident will let them reselect their gender or age, depending which option you choose.