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Ventalkie is a grid wide text base walkie talkie system designed for roleplay

How to Use


By default the slash channel is /22
You can either start chatting right away in the lobby channel or do /22 menu to bring up a dialog box.

Webconfig makes it super easy to setup your channels
TUNERS lets you set your tuners to different channels without needing to use the webconfig
Options lets you control the sound settings, more options will come in future updates

Chat Commands

Chat commands are also available by doing /22 help
motd - Shows the message of the day
pigstep - Get the url to a minecraft song called Pigstep
ch - Allows you to tune into a VenTalkie channel on the given tuner. ie. /23 ch 7577
list - lists all devices tuned into the channel, this is only for channel owners
ping - returns the time it took the server to respond
time - Tells you the current time in SLT
claimchannel - lets you claim the channel if its not already claimed
claimchan - lets you claim the channel if its not already claimed
claimch - lets you claim the channel if its not already claimed
webconfig - same as the webconfig button in your radio's dialog but this one is for the channel owner ONLY for them to edit the channel
nick - sets your nickname. ie. /22 nick ven the meerkat
regme - Registers you on the website
resetpassword - Resets your account password
menu - Opens your device's dialog menu
help - Shows all commands and info of what each command is. You can also do /22 help motd to get the message of the day

Service Bell

Since debbie wants me to add this here, ill get to this as soon as i can -ven



integer outlinkchan = 98;
integer inlinkchan = 99;
default {
    state_entry() {
        list jl = ["msg", "I love ventalkie"];
        jl += ["chan", 1];
        // jl += ["chan", "region"];
        string json = llList2Json(JSON_OBJECT,jl);
    link_message(integer sn, integer num, string str, key id) {
        if (num == outlinkchan) {
            string cn = llJsonGetValue(json,["cn"]);
            string cid = llJsonGetValue(json,["chan"]);
            string msg = llJsonGetValue(json,["msg"]);
            string avi = llJsonGetValue(json,["avi"]);
            llOwnerSay("{#"+cid+"-"+cn+"} "+avi+": "+msg);


GET Will return a json of public channels

    "chan": 1,
    "name": "Lobby",
    "description": "Main Lobby"
    "chan": 9,
    "name": "EMERGENCY",
    "description": "Emergency channel"
    "chan": 7532,
    "name": "SLDA",
    "description": "Channel for SLDA"

POST Will post a message in the set channel like 1 for lobby
Required json is...

    "chan": 1,
    "nick": "post test",
    "msg": "this is a test",
    "gpn_key": "random key in your gridplay account setting"


This sends messages sent on ventalkie of the channel the webhook is set to.
Useful for web developers. Data sent is in JSON format through the GET method

    "status": "msg",
    "chan": 7644,
    "msg": "this is a test",
    "cn": "SLRR",
    "avi": "Ven"


Server side update - Nov 14 2023

  • Removed the tc command due to roleplay metagaming abuse

Server side update - Nov 1 2023

  • Added webhook support. See above for more info

3.3.1 - Aug 17 2023

  • URL change, all data now goes to instead of just

3.3.0a - same date

  • Fix to the region messages sorry about that

3.3.0 - Nov 10 2022

  • added slash channel for incoming messages
  • fix for vittles and venlife
  • Reduced dialog text to save memory
  • Reduced memory throughout the script
  • Added more help urls
  • Improved region channel messages
  • Improved region crossing / teleporting
  • API added for region messages
  • API can now send messages to the region via ["chan", "region"]

3.2.4 - Oct 31 2022 Happy Halloween

  • Support for Vittles

3.2.3 - Aug 11 2022

  • Lots of fixes to the code
  • Added support for VenLife. Now if you wear the VenLife HUD you get 5 fun stats for every message you send


  • LSL Code fixes
  • New mesh model
  • New Help button URL